A self-initiated project sparked by a disbelief at how unequipped many businesses are to cater to disabled customers. In response, Yes Please was created. Yes Please is an organisation which campaigns for better accessibility, informs and encourages businesses to be more accessible and advertises those who already do well. The branding and overall approach stands out from other services that offer support and information for disabled people by being humanistic but not patronising, simple but not clinical, informative but not confusing.

The whole project was developed by working closely with: people who live with disabilities, a University of Dundee disability advisor, and the Dundee City Council Senior Architect and Corporate Access Officer.

The graphic system of the 'positive step' is used throughout to convey that businesses can make small steps to positive change.

The name and copy throughout the project takes a positive angle on the issue, free of guilt and far from official, legislative language.
Research revealed a number of problems with existing information sources on accessibility. Down with the stress, searching and getting stranded.  Yes Please provides customers with the info they need to know if visiting somewhere is right for them. The guides are always simple, straight forward and use no confusing ratings or symbols.
Yes Please celebrates, promotes and rewards businesses who strive for better access for everyone. Being Yes Please accredited means potential customers far and wide know that businesses are upholding the highest standards and can cater to their needs. Accredited businesses can display the sticker on their premises, menus, promotional material and websites and are promoted by Yes Please and disability organisations.
Disabilities aren't always immediately identifiable. Even if they are, every customer should have the choice to ask for help or not. By wearing a Yes Please pin to a visit a participating Yes Please business, staff are aware that the customer may need assistance, table service, extra time or space. Staff can introduce themselves to pin-wearers and make sure their needs are catered to.

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