For D&AD New Blood 2017, MUBI challenged students to create an advertising campaign for their film subscription service. The service only ever has 30 films at a time for members to choose from and prides its self on showing award winning or cult classic, great quality films. They asked for a campaign that was not exclusive to film snobs and made it clear that they don't see Netflix or Amazon Prime Video as competitors. They asked for wit, charm and ultimately, a campaign that drives online sign ups.

We often say we are 'dying to get out of here', 'dying for a drink' or 'dying to see something'. Dying To Be Entertained is a campaign which highlights the desperation we can feel while searching for a good film to watch.
A TV and online advertising campaign features well-known death scenes where characters die of unexpected causes.
The videos function well with or without their soundtracks so are ideal for outdoor or public advertising.
A poster and print campaign twists famous last words creating intrigue leading viewers to MUBI.

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